Sage inventory and order automation with Make


Create a Sage integration with WooCommerce using the automation system:

  1. Synchronization of order, customer, payment method, and inventory stock data (e.g., an order automatically goes into Sage and reduces inventory depending on the quantity of products ordered).
  2. VAT refund calculation (3 different VAT rates).
  3. Statement of all debits and credits (Trial Balance).
  4. Calculation of losses and profits (Loss & Profit).



In the initial stage of the project, Zapier was used as the integration tool. We expected a smooth process, but encountered a significant technical hurdle. The main issue was the data transfer from Zapier to Sage due to a failure in their integration. This problem was identified as a general failure in the Zapier and Sage integration capabilities. Limited efforts to resolve the issue from Zapier led to the conclusion that solving the problem would require waiting for an update or fix from either Zapier or Sage – a timeline without a definite end date, which did not meet our project requirements.

Considering the nature of business operations integration, we chose This decision proved to be very beneficial. offered more reliable integration options, especially in handling the complex data flow required for specific client needs.

Posted: Nov 18, 2023


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