WooCommerce SEO and speed optimization


Although the website had high product quality and popularity, it faced challenges related to SEO, slow website speed, and inconvenient navigation. Our task was to correct some of these errors.


    Akmenstata, UAB


    We restructured the website’s link structure: updated categories and implemented redirects.

    We created new subcategories, added links from the top of categories, and introduced breadcrumbs for easier navigation.

    We improved the filtering system.

    We optimized photo sizes and added a new, optimized photo format – WEBP – for browsers that support it, to make the website operate and load faster.

    We updated the system and all plugins.

    We removed and replaced plugins that were slowing down and malfunctioning on the website.

    We integrated and configured a cache to make the website operate faster.

    We simplified and minimized (minified) the JS and CSS code.

    We updated the mobile menu – making it more aesthetically appealing and user-friendly for browsing the website on mobile devices.

    Our improvements not only enhanced the website’s performance speed but also significantly improved the user experience. Our work, including the restructuring of the link system, creation of new subcategories, and introduction of breadcrumbs for easier navigation, helped create a more intuitive and convenient navigation system. The improvement of the filtering system ensured that customers could find desired products faster and more efficiently.


    Stone processing / construction


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