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Draco Slides, known for their exceptional product range, was facing significant challenges with their website’s loading speed, particularly on mobile devices.

This sluggish performance was not only impacting user experience but also affecting their search engine rankings.

Our team was tasked with the critical mission of optimizing the site’s speed without compromising its functionality or aesthetic appeal.


Draco Slides


Our Shopify speed optimization efforts for Draco Slides yielded remarkable results. We utilized a comprehensive approach that included optimizing images, streamlining the code, leveraging browser caching, and implementing optimal page loading techniques. These enhancements drastically improved the site’s loading times, as reflected in the Google Speed Insights scores.

We successfully boosted the desktop version’s performance score from a modest 95 to an impressive 99. This enhancement ensured a smoother and more responsive experience for desktop users, translating to increased user engagement and reduced bounce rates.

The most significant improvement was observed in the mobile version. The initial score of 53, which indicated a poor user experience on mobile devices, was dramatically improved to an astonishing 91. This improvement was crucial as mobile traffic constitutes a significant portion of online shoppers. The enhanced mobile performance not only improved user experience but also positively impacted the website’s SEO, contributing to higher organic search rankings.

These improvements in Draco Slides’ website performance underscore our commitment to delivering top-tier Shopify optimization services, ensuring that our clients not only meet but exceed their digital commerce goals

Published: Jan 14, 2024


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